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About us


The Mowbray Singers were founded in 1992 by David Haxby, who brought together a group of local people who simply enjoyed singing together.  This is the ethos that continues in the choir to this day: we are a small, friendly choir who simply enjoy making music together!


Our Music Director is Trevor Wilson, and we consist of approximately 30 singers.  We enjoy singing a wide range of works from the last four hundred years or so, and in recent years we have had the great pleasure of singing with small orchestras, organ, harpsichord and piano accompaniments.  


We give regular performances in the local area. As well as our own concerts, we have also sung by invitation at weddings, flower festivals, Christmas concerts, music festivals, assisting local churches in their acts of worship and as the entertainment at a local Dinner Club.  


Click here for details of forthcoming concerts

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